CES Number changed to (505) 635-2749

Membership Cards are on sale Now!! Be sure to purchase your membership in order to gain points in your events for Year End awards.
CES Entry Numbers
Call In's are based on the honor system. 
Please call in for entries at (505)635-2749.
Call In are the week of the rodeo Monday & Tuesday
Call backs for drawouts are Thursdays from 7pm-10pm
NO ENTRIES WILL BE TAKEN ON FRIDAY'S DAY BEFORE THE RODEO.  You can also text entries in.  Please indicated division and events.  A confirmation will be given if text for FB mess entries. 
Day of the rodeo walk in entries will be a $5 late fee per contestant.  No Exceptions.  Turn out will also be a $10 turn out fee.  Must be paid before you enter the next rodeo. 
**Please pay with correct change and small bills.  I appreciate this very much.  Cash only.
Thank you,
Kim R. Jim-CES
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