Western Junior Rodeo Association
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Congratulations to all our WJRA members and families for a successful 2014 season.

Midget Division All Around---------------------Cayden Jackson
Midget Division Reserve All Around---------Shilah Williams
Midget Division Rookie All Around------------Shilah Williams
Midget Wooly Riding Champion --------Cayden Jackson
Midget Goat Tagging Champion-------Cayden Jackson
Midget  Flag Racing Champion---------Kayden Caboni
Midget Barrel Racing Champion -------Shilah Williams

PeeWee Division All Around-----------------------Carly Jo Sells
PeeWee Division Reserve All Around----------Erynne Sells
PeeWee Division Rookie All Around----------Mikal Ashley
PeeWee Steer Riding Champion--------------Mikal Ashley
PeeWee Barrel Racing Champion------------Carly Jo Sells
PeeWee Pole Bending Champion------------Carly Jo Sells
PeeWee Goat Tying Champion----------------Erynne Sells
PeeWee Breakaway Champion----------------Carly Jo Sells

Jr Co-ed Division All Around---------------------Trevor Jim
Jr Co-ed Division Reserve All Around---------Kyle Yellowhair
Jr Co-ed Division Rookie All Around-----------Brendan Walker
Jr Co-ed Bull Riding Champion-----------------Matthew Tuni
Jr Co-ed Barrel Racing Champion-------------Morgan Farrell
Jr Co-ed Pole Bending Champion-------------Trevor Jim
Jr Co-ed Goat Tying Champion----------------Trevor Jim
Jr Co-ed Breakaway Champion----------------Trevor Jim
Jr Co-ed Team Roping Champion-------------Kyle Yellowhair

Sr Girls Division All Around-------------------------Kyara Chewing
Sr Girls Division Reserve All Around-------------Kayla Begaye
Sr Girls Division Rookie All Around---------------Shelby Rocke
Sr Girls Barrel Racing Champion-----------------Kayla Begaye
Sr Girls Pole Bending Champion-----------------Kayla Begaye
Sr Girls Goat Tying Champion--------------------Tamara Richardson
Sr Girls Breakaway Champion-------------------Kyara Chewing
Sr Girls Team Roping Champion----------------Kyara Chewing

Sr Boys Division All Around-------------------------Quentin Rocke
Sr Boys Division Reserve All Around-------------Tristin Rocke
Sr Boys Division Rookie All Around--------------Cody West
Sr Boys Bull Riding Champion---------------------Nacona Scott
Sr Boys Chute Dogging Champion-------------Quentin Rocke
Sr Boys Ribbon Roping Champion--------------Quentin Rocke
Sr Boys Tie Down Roping Champion------------Quentin Rocke
Sr Boys Team Roping Champion-----------------Quentin Rocke
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